What Is NDIS Plan Management

What Is NDIS Plan Management

Ndis plan management is a program that allows you to manage your day-to-day life. It helps ensure you get the most out of your time and money. If this sounds like something that could be useful to you, then read on! We will explore what Ndis plan management is and why it might be right for me.

Why Use Ndis As A Plan Manager?

Ndis is a great way for you to manage your health care. It lets you connect with the right people at the right time so they can offer their expertise and services when needed. For example, suppose you have an appointment scheduled with your PCP in two weeks and cannot attend due to illness. In that case, a Ndis account will be able to alert that person so that they do not miss out on seeing all of their patients and provide other valuable services like scheduling future appointments for those who need them most.
Occupational Therapy For Stroke Patients

How Can I Have Plan Management?

If you are a professional in occupational therapy, you may already know that it can be helpful to have plan management. However, if you don’t know what plan manager means or how they work, here is an overview:

  • A plan manager helps disabled people with planning by guiding how to implement plans and assess progress toward goals.
  • Plan managers often have advanced degrees in mental health or extensive experience working with people with disabilities such as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or Down Syndrome (DS).

How Do I Find And Connect With A Plan Manager?

To find a plan manager, search for “occupational therapy plans” in your area. You can also look at the iconiccare.com.au.

Once you’ve found one that appears right for you, it’s important to connect with them so they can understand what kind of help your family needs and how much outpatient OT services cost in your area. Ask yourself these questions:

What Is NDIS Plan ManagementBenefits Of Choosing Plan Management

  • Plan managers can help you to:
  • Identify and manage your goals.
  • Create a financial plan tailored to your needs, including savings, investing, and other financial goals.
  • Manage your finances to ensure they align with what’s best for you and the family budget.
  • Build a budget based on accurate information about spending habits; this will allow you to prioritize certain expenses over others so as not to overspend or underspend on items that aren’t necessary for daily living (for example, entertainment).
  • Track spending activity using an app or website such as Mint or YNAB (you needn’t pay anything upfront if you don’t want to). They’ll also show where money has gone and hasn’t gone yet! This way, there’s less room for error when it comes time to pay bills later down the road.

After I Have Connected With A Plan Manager, What Do I Do?

  • Make sure you have a plan manager.
  • Make sure you have a good relationship with your plan manager.
  • Make sure your plan manager is following the plan.
  • Make sure they are communicating with you, and vice versa.

What Are The NDIS Eligibility Requirements?

How Do I Change Plan Managers?

If you are not satisfied with the plan manager’s performance, contact their supervisor. The supervisor may be able to assist with making changes to the plan or finding another provider who is better suited for your needs.


Q: What is plan management?

ANS: Plan management refers to the daily duties of supervising a person’s activities and monitoring progress toward goals. It involves setting up plans, meeting with clients, and managing their progress according to a schedule determined by a patient’s doctor or therapist. Plan managers can be either occupational therapists or physical therapists who have been trained in these techniques.

Q: How do I find and connect with a plan manager?

ANS: Plan managers are available at most hospitals or outpatient clinics that offer occupational therapy services. After you’ve connected with your current plan manager(s), it’s time for them to advise you on how best to manage your condition.* You may also want them to decide which activities will help improve your condition.* If this sounds like something that interests you, please get in touch with us today because we have plenty more information about this process available online.


We hope that we’ve given you a good idea of what Ndis is, how it works and why it’s useful. If you need more information on any of these topics, please visit our website at iconiccare.com.au or contact us.


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